Tools of the Trade – Tim Van Damme

Tim Van Damme is a young talented freelance web interface designer from Belgium . Tim’s strengths lie in creating one impressive web design after another and most notably known for 24 Ways. You can find Tim here as well as a designer at Made by Elephant.  You can also find Tim blogging at Maxvoltar.

Tim’s 5 favorite tools are…

1) My Mac

MacBook Pro

I use a unibody 15″ MacBook Pro, and it goes wherever I go. Because I work from different places, a laptop is the only kind of computer I use. Home, at the office, at someone else’s office, on the couch…

2) Espresso


Without a doubt my favorite app of the moment. I use it for front-end development, and it’s a perfect all-in-one app for people using the TextMate + CSSEdit + Transmit combo.

3) LittleSnapper

Little Snapper

LS is like a huge cardboard box where I throw everything even slightly inspirational in. Before the start of a project, I like to quickly go through all the snaps, to get me in the right mood.

4) Tweetie


I’m a huge Twitter fan, and right now, Tweetie is the best app available for it (both on Mac as on the iPhone).

5) Billings

Billings 3

Easy and beautiful invoicing, and gives you a quick overview of what’s paid, what’s overdue…

3 Comments on "Tools of the Trade – Tim Van Damme"

  1. Jack F says:

    Good series so far, thanks. Shame everyone uses a Mac, kind of alienates us poor Windows people ;)

  2. I really should just stop drooling and buy Billings. Everytime I hear someone talk about it, I head on over to the site but never click the purchase button sigh

    Thank Tim!

  3. @Jack That’s because Macs inspire creativity, Windows kind of dulls it ;)

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