How Not To Guest Post: Are You Doing Things The Right Way?

What is a guest post and why do most marketers do it? Guest post is one of the latest and most effective way in bringing traffic to your site.

Some people may be doubtful about how effective it is since they claim that a regular blog is helpful enough to catch attention of a number of visitors. However, what most people don’t understand is that this is much more effective than that. How so?

When yo do regular blogging, you are posting your article in a website where it can only reach a limited number of audience and it ends there—there is no way that it can catch the attention of other people unless those who have read it will advertise it. In guest posting, you are posting your article, or at least your site, in another person’s blog where a lot of people can have access to it. Thus, you can earn more visitors and if lucky, even hit your targeted traffic.

However, guest posting is not so easy. You cannot just write anything you feel about the blog and then expect the blogger to just approve it. In order for a guest post to be approved, it must first meet the criteria of the blogger. Having said that, it is best to make sure that you are doing guest posts in the most effective way. So, are you?

How Not To Guest Posts

-  Directly promote your products and site. While you may think that doing it directly and straight to the point is a good idea, it may not be as effective as you think. Once people read the product brands or any website header, they will immediately zone off and will then move to another guest post. Why is this so? This is because they will think you’re not reliable. Since you are promoting and marketing a certain thing, they might think that you are biased and your comments will not even matter.

-   Going beyond your comfort zone. Most marketers think that being flexible and versatile can bring them lots of visitors. This is why they tend to write outside their niche. Versatility is not always a good thing especially if you are really not knowledgeable on the given topic. Visitors can determine whether or not you really know things about a topic and when they find out that you’re not, you will lose your credibility.

Doing Guest Posts The Right Way

-    Know things about the site you will be posting on. Good knowledge about the site is key since it will surely be related to your site. If you want to have good traffic, it is best to post in a site which is relevant to your site’s subject matter. It will not make any sense if you try posting at random sites. For a guest post to be effective, it should be posted in a site that is in the same niche as yours.

-     Make improvements in your site. If you expect the guest post to be effective, then you are expecting that many visitors will go to your site. Now that you have driven good traffic into your site, the next step for you to do is to maintain them. What will make them keep on visiting your site? The main thing here is credibility. If they find your blog, credible and informative, then there is no doubt that they will continue visiting it. Who knows, they might even promote it?

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justify Sarah is the relationship manager of Nanostyle.  NanoStyle is the first and only to imprint 24kt gold on Cubic Zirconia jewelry.

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