Introducing Health Week at The Web Squeeze!

As you shop for gifts this Christmas season, remember that your health is a “gift” you should give yourself! You only have one life to live-make it a happy and productive one! The Web Squeeze is proud to announce a week dedicated to your health. Each day we’ll feature an article relating to your health and well-being. Visit us and catch all these great health hints. And be sure to read Jacob’s article on Friday! The life you save could be your own!

Tuesday – Healthy Keyboard Snacks & Habits :: Leah McGrath, Registered Dietitian
Wednesday – Office Ergonomics :: Erin L. Stroup MS, OTR/L
Thursday – Know What Stress Is! :: Dan Cogswell, Ph.D.
Friday – Is Your Computer Killing you??? :: Jacob Haug // Meredith Polansky, MD.

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