A websites’ structure from A to Z

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  1. Thank you for the kinds words! I’m currently working on a string of related tutorials so keep a out ;)

  2. Dolly says:

    i always wanna make my own layout for my IMVU homepage…but well i never can make it happen…ESPECIALLY i have no idea how to change the panel into a button with all the content inside(i never know how to put all panel content in a button that i will make) hope u can help me with all d tutorial..thenkies

  3. Kay smith says:

    Awesome tutorial. I’m working on a project now that was going nowhere until I read this. Thanks a million!

  4. @Dolly – If you need help, check out the Squeeze Forums! Tons of people there to help out!

    @ John – Thank you!

    @Kay – That’s great! Glad we could help! Sign up on the Squeeze Forums if you need more help!

  5. Ethan Joh says:

    What a cool!
    I’m a newbie in web design.
    I learned lots of things from you.

  6. Thoric says:

    I tried the Tutorial @ http://www.cjanddarren.com It doesn’t like me. Any help would be appreciated. (links not working yet, trying to get the page to look right before I create the rest)

  7. @Thoric – You forgot to add a #content-wrapper that will clear the floats. See page 3 of the tutorial – http://www.thewebsqueeze.com/tutorials/a-websites-structure-from-a-to-z.html/3/. Or you can add a clearing div just above the #site-info div.

  8. Hi_Karinne
    Thanx very much for your WD-toot. I found it very easy to follow and understand.What I cannot understand is toots from other websites tend to think thar us wannabe web designers are a lot cleverer than what we really are’
    Once again, a big thankyou and a plea for more of this type of tutorial

  9. @Walter – You’re quite welcomed Walter. Glad this little tutorial helped you out. I certainly understand your frustration with tutorials being vague or think that new designers already know how to do certain things. I always try to approach tutorials as how I would have liked to have it laid out when I was learning ;)

    Thank you for the kind words!

  10. maxwell ivey says:

    Hello; it was a good article. Personally, I may be one of the few cases where using html transitional may be acceptable. I’m an almost totally blind business owner using a macbook running their screen reader voiceover. Two years ago my brother designed my website. He built it where i could add product listings without needing to know much about the code behind it. Then he took a job that left him no time to help. I have been learning html a bit at a time since then, and just this week decided to try to redo my homepage by myself. I have a file on my hard drive that my family tells me looks fine on my computer but when i tested it with w3c they gave me a doctype error message. Now, I guess I’ll use html 4 transitional in that section and hope the rest of the page validates just fine. but my point is with the lack of good accessible css creation software and little or no budget to hire it done; I’m going to keep using font and body and whatever else works until a better alternative comes along. Yes, there are versions of popular site creation programs that run on the mac, but none of them are truely accessible for a blind user. And the prospect of learning css is not something I can invision in my near future. I’ve read through my brother’s code and it is even less understandable than my basic html. Maybe you can win me over, but i doubt it. lol Thanks for the article. take care, Max

  11. @max – It’s understandable that people new to HTML and CSS will not understand the “why” of a strict doctype. As the saying goes: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it ;) And when your job is NOT being the web design/developer, then it’s even harder.

    As for winning you over, maybe this article on Doctypes will? lol

    I think the best solution for you would be that if you could get your site setup with something like WordPress with a cart plugin, this might benefit you (if you can find someone to do it for cheap). You wouldn’t have to know HTML or CSS at all, WordPress has a nice Admin section where you just upload pictures and type like you would in Word, press Publish and it takes care of the rest. You could try posting in our Hire a Web Designer section of the forum. Maybe – keyword here “maybe” – someone looking to make a few buck will help. Or look to post to places like Rent-a-coder or other freelance bidding spots. And while I’m on the subject, don’t hesitate to register to the forums and ask question :)

  12. Thank you for the step to step explain.

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