Traffic Voodoo 2 Review: Jeff Johnson’s Scam?

Jeff Johnson and Ryan Deiss have been pushing tons of get rich quick, make money online products, and most of them immediately scream SCAM! Anybody who promises you can get rich quick is downright lying. But is it possible to get rich slowly? Make enough money to quit your job?

Those are promises that seem possible, so perhaps this whole Traffic Voodoo system may be able to teach us something valuable. The way I look at any of these products is a simple litmus test. If the product is $250, and I spend $250, am I going to be able to make back my investment? If I can, I consider it a great investment because it’s furthering my education and getting me that much closer to true financial freedom.

So with that caveat, here is the review.

Traffic Voodoo Review

The product itself is supposed to work for anyone WITH a website or WITHOUT a website. I can tell you right now if you want to make money online, you NEED a website, stop spinning your wheels if you don’t own your own site.

Domains are $10, hosting is only $6.95 per month, so spend the small amount of money and get yourself into the game for real. Plus, if you plan to buy Traffic Voodoo, and you don’t have a site, you are wasting your money.

One of the useful tips Jeff is giving away in his pre-launch video #1 is really, really valuable. It’s a tip I’ve used many times to gain a reputation and create some really good partnerships (it’s how I started working with

If you want to start working with the big names in the Internet Marketing world (or any other industry), start sending them traffic for free.

With this review I hope to promote the hell out of Traffic Voodoo and get Jeff’s attention. I hope his product is of value to you and you buy it, but if not, at least I will have been able to get Jeff’s attention by helping him market his product, and in turn hopefully he’s going to help me promote my products.

What’s in Traffic Voodoo 2.0

So to be clear, this review is in relation to Traffic Voodoo 2.0, here is the launch schedule if the product has not already launched for you:

November 29 – PreLaunch
December 8th – Shopping Cart Opens

Okay, so this is for 2.0, not 1.0, which means there’s a whole new mess of features and upgrades from the original launch.

Buy Traffic Voodoo?

So should you buy Traffic Voodoo? Well that’s up to you, obviously. I can definitely attest that I have learned a lot from Traffic Voodoo 1.0 and 2.0, and I have purchased the system. I also know I am going to leverage this system into making more money online than I’m making right now.

If you’re not ready to take it to the next level or the cost is too much for you, sit on the sidelines, soak up the free information, signup for his free videos, and wait until Traffic Voodoo 3.0 or another product.

Good luck, and let me know what you think!

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