Into The Breach

Into The Breach

On this episode of The Web Squeeze podcast we go “Into The Breach” with Michael Santarcangelo.

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Into The Breach

Into the Breach answers the question, “What happens when breach is only a symptom?”

Michael Santarcangelo guides a bold – and refreshing — look at addressing the challenges of protecting information – and reveals the real challenge as a human paradox. As Michael explains,

“People have been unintentionally and systematically disconnected from the consequences of their actions for so long, they are no longer held accountable or take responsibility,” explains Michael. “The real key to protecting information is to engage people in the process and support them with the right tools and technology.”

An expert on human ecology, Michael is quick to point out that we do not have a “people problem” and explains why suggesting people are “the weakest link” or other commonly used phrases is nothing more than a copout. By explaining the human paradox, Michael demonstrates how people are actually the heart of the solution. He then sets forth a clear plan that explains how to engage, empower and enable individuals to take back responsibility.

How do I get the book?

Michael has generously agreed to give away 3 copies of his book “Into The Breach.” In order to be entered into the contest all you have to do is ask an intriguing or thought provoking question below or on twitter! We’ll announce the winners on February 26, 2010!

If you can’t wait, and want it NOW!

Michael has also agreed to give a 50% DISCOUNT to our listeners. Just use the code “thewebsqueeze” at the shopping cart!

Get It Now!

In order to use the code, the book must be added to the cart (instead of using the “buy now” button)
once the cart pops up, enter the code: thewebsqueeze

Show Notes

Backup Solutions
  1. BackBlaze (Software Backup Solution, Recommend by Michael)
  2. Carbonite (Alternative Software Based Solution)
  3. Mozy (Alternative Software Based Solution)
  4. Drobo (Hardware Based Solution)
  5. CrashPlan & CrashPlan Pro (Family Solution)
Security Links
  1. Security Development Lifecycle (Microsoft)
  2. OWASP (Improve Web Application Security)
Password Managers
  1. 1Password
  2. KeyPass
  3. KeyPass X
Michael’s Site
  3. @catalyst

About The Hosts

Jacob Haug (Host) – My name is Jacob Haug, and I spend the majority of my time in website development. I donate many hours each day helping the web community with technical aspects of website design and development. My current project is The Web Squeeze. A “NEW”, “FRESH”, Web Design and Development community dedicated to helping make the internet a better place! @JacobHaug

Linda Chadbourne (Host) – Linda Chadbourne has been a web designer since 1998. A large portion of her day also involves graphic and logo design for Cozy Penguin Web Studio which she owns and operates. Linda is also one of the co-founders of The Web Squeeze which is a Web Design and Development Help Forum. In her free time she is an avid family person, horseback rider and reader. @Lchad

Michael Santarcaneglo (Guest) – The author of Into the Breach, Michael is a human catalyst that uncovers real challenges. He helps organizations (like Microsoft, Diebold and others) harness the power of people to rapidly develop efficient and effective solutions that turn insiders into allies who reduce business risk. Learn more at, follow his adventures at or engage with him on

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