The Secret Is Out!

It’s not a SECRET anymore! Yes, it’s true. Karinne Legault has stepped down from her position as active co-founder at The Web Squeeze. Many of you have already read this on her twitter or blog.  Karinne is a wonderful person, friend, and web designer who put a lot of time, and energy into making The Web Squeeze happen. She deserves credit for so much that we can’t list it all in one post. But most importantly TWS 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, and the Collision Hosting design! (Screen Shots Below) She served up a lot of juice in the Squeeze Bar. Karinne brought an expertize and a sense of humor to The Web Squeeze that will certainly be missed. We hope that she will remain in the community and still stop by every so often. We wish her good luck and peace. Live long and prosper-Karinne! We love you!

The Web Squeeze v1.0
TWS v1.0

The Web Squeeze v1.5
TWS v1.5

The Web Squeeze v2.5
TWS v2.5

Collision Hosting v1.0
CH v1.0

9 Comments on "The Secret Is Out!"

  1. Jacob Haug says:

    We’d like to wish Karinne the best of luck in her future ventures! She will be missed, and we truly hope she checks in when she can! If you have any comments, or want to thank Karinne for her hard work and dedication please do so below!

    The Secret Is Out – Goodbye Karinne!

  2. Craig says:

    Wow! TWS without Karinne…going to be different.

    Thanks for everything you have done here K, both the things we can see and the countless things behind the scenes that people will never no about.

    Good luck in the future, not that you will need it mind.. ;)


  3. Karinne says:

    Thanks guys! I’m very proud of everything we’ve achieved with TWS and I’m sure you’ll bring it to new levels! Good luck and I’ll see you guys in the forums ;)

  4. rich97 says:

    OMG! Karrine?!?!

    This is a bit of a surprise side hook to the face… What happened?

    Well, whatever happened, best of luck. We’ll keep your legacy going, pop in and chat sometimes!


  5. Mike Sweeney says:

    You will be sorely missed Karinne! We all love you here and we hope to see you occasionally stop by to say hello. Wishing you all the best…

  6. Jacob.R says:

    Hi Karrine

    Thanks for all the support you have given me.


  7. Karinne says:

    @rich97 – Nothing really happened… just didn’t have time to give to TWS anymore.

    @Mike, @JacobR – Thanks guys! I’ll be hanging around the forum don’t worry. That place is addictive ;) It’ll give me a chance to actually answer some of those questions :)

  8. So sorry that you’re leaving,
    You’ll be missed ever so much,
    Good luck in the future,
    And please stay in touch

  9. Disgruntled says:

    you could at least finish the tutorials you started and left people hanging with. Good riddance.

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