Squeezy Links of the Week – Jan 9, 2009

It’s been quite a while since we’ve done a Squeezy Links of the Week and since then, we’ve found some really great links that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.


Lorem 2: An all-around better Lorem experience – I started Lorem 2 because I wanted a nicer, better place to get my Lorem copy each day. For many designers, Lorem text is as an important part of the toolbox as Photoshop and coffee are. Well, maybe not. But it comes close, perhaps up there with Pantone color books for print designers and HTML libraries for Web designers.

HTML-Ipsum – There are a number of Lorem Ipsum sites that I like. I even have a dashboard widget for generating it. But none of them does what I REALLY want, which is to give me the Latin text already in HTML tags. So, I built one.

PXtoEM.com: PX to EM conversion made simple – PXtoEM.com is px to em conversion made simple. Choose your body font size in pixels (px)and out comes a complete pixel (px) to em conversion table, making elastic web design with CSS a snap. The once daunting challenge of converting pixels (px) to the elusive em has now been reduced to a booger eating pipsqueak.

favikon – Upload images, crop them, and create favicons for free!

Project Deploy* | Choose, Bookmark, Deploy – Deploy* is a free, open source, web application which allows user to quickly deploy a web project framework with valid XHTML and CSS in only a matter of seconds.


Twitter Background Gallery – We love Twitter and we love creative people there! We intended this site to serve as a showcase, inspiration and resource for all Twitter fans willing to express their individuality, creativity and professionalism not only through their twitterstream but via their profile background as well. Look around and get inspired!

Logospire – Logo inspiration gallery – Logospire is a logo gallery.When working on your own designs it often helps to find inspiration from outside. Looking at beautiful patterns seen in nature is one way. Another is to look at the work of your fellow designers. Studying the various ideas and concepts others have come up with can help break your creative block and spark new ideas.

WordPress Gallery | We Love WP – We Love WP is the most updated inspirational CSS WordPress gallery for well designed WordPress websites and blogs. We showcase the best original WordPress designs and modified free themes.


wpGuy – WordPress Specialist – WordPress Guy designs and develops WordPress themes and plugins. WordPress Guy teaches you WordPress stuff.

WPZOOM ›› WP Themes & Showcase, Blogging Tips & Hacks – On this blog I will publish the latest WordPress themes and Plugins, WordPress developement, blogging tips, articles, anything WordPress related, interviews and more.

WpRecipes.com : Daily recipes to cook with WordPress – Wprecipes was created on October 5, 2008 as I place where I collect quick, clear and concise WordPress recipes.


Unit Interactive :: Labs :: Unit PNG Fix – Pesky IE6 throws a fit when it comes to pngs, but our Unit PNG Fix will have none of it! Our version whips IE6 in to line, weighing in at almost half the size of other png fixes out there, and fixes some other png fix problems.

SimpleScripts | Script List – SimpleScripts currently installs and manages the following scripts.

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