Making Money Selling Content Online with Constant-Content

We’ve been teaching our readers the basics of how to make money writing online articles and blogs and in this post, we want to take that a step further, but in a new direction. In addition to online article marketing and making money on your website through affiliate advertising, you can also sell your unique content online through article brokers like Constant-Content.

First, let’s reintroduce the process of how to make money with article marketing: find a unique topic to write about (maybe you’re a diehard fan of the Miami Dolphins; you’ve got really awesome recipes and “cooking tips for bachelors”; or, maybe you’re a real estate agent who specializes in short sales and foreclosure prevention in your city).

Next, set up a blog and website using WordPress and begin publishing your content on any one of the major online article directories with a link back to your new site. Finally, strategically place affiliate marketing links that relate to what you’re writing about on your website to entice your readers and traffic to click. Then, enjoy your new income!

Now, once you’ve got a solid website and appropriate content and links in place, you could free up time to make money writing in other ways, like writing and selling unique content. Not everyone likes to write, and people and businesses that need blog posts, articles, and more are willing to pay you to write through article brokers like Constant-Content. This website allows writers to put their work up for sale and buyers to snatch it up.

You can set your own price levels for your articles and membership is free (Constant-Content keeps about 35% of the sales price for their part). You can sell totally unique content that hasn’t been used anywhere else online for a premium or you can sell re-published content for a lower “user fee”.

Another great Constant-Content feature is that the website sends you alerts when open requests are made. Buyers can post on open job boards the specs of an article they want to purchase, including keywords, topics, and length of that article, and what they’re willing to pay. You can immediately turn around, write the article, and notify the buyer – if accepted most payments are immediately made through Paypal.

You’ve just found a new avenue for making money online writing content. So get to it!

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