How to Get a Google Adwords Coupon 2010 Edition

Google Adwords Coupon 2010

For as long as I can remember, the most profitable way to promote your business has been Google Adwords. Now, there are a ton of players on the block for promoting your site. There’s SEO, which some people claim to have mastered, direct ad placement via services like (which we use on this site), cost per action networks like, and now the new guy on the block is Facebook/social media.

While these newer services are getting all the press, the fact is, Google Adwords is still my most trusted source for promotion for any new or existing site.

I recently read a great book covering everything you need to know in AdWords, and highly recommend you check it out. It covers the basics like:

1) How to setup your first campaign
2) What is quality score, how do you increase it?
3) How do you measure campaigns?
4) How do you become Google Adwords certified


How to Get an AdWords Coupon

So this final piece of the chapter is what we’re going to cover, because it’s one of the best ways to ensure you always have fresh Adwords coupons.

Here are the places I’ve recently gotten AdWords coupons:

1. Get Certified from Google AdWords


To get certified, you need to pass a 2 hour test that quizzes you on everything I mentioned in the book above. Once you pass the test, I believe you need a 60%, then you get your hands on $100 AdWords coupons!

Here’s the link below, and the blurb to get yourself signed up. It only costs $50 to take the test, so get started! Visit the Google Certification Program


2. Buy Hosting from Bluehost


Typically when you buy domain hosting, you are given special AdWords coupons as part of your account.

Bluehost gives you a $75 AdWords coupon for signing up for a $6.95 hosting account, which is a pretty good deal if you ask me. (This site is hosted on Bluehost)

I use Bluehost now, but I’m pretty sure I remember other hosts offering the free coupons, so be sure to check your webhost to see if they have any free AdWords coupons you can use.

3. Setup a Google Places Account, but Not a PPC Account


So this last part is a little tricky, and involves a bit of lucky timing.

I received an email from Google back in August that offered me a $100 Google Adwords credit for my account. I have like 10 different Gmail accounts, all linked to different services, and the accounts that received these $100 credits did NOT have an AdWords account linked to them.

Plus, the coupons only worked on new accounts, so if you’re looking for AdWords coupons, create new accounts, monitor your current accounts, and hope to get lucky the next time the emails roll around (they also probably coincide with the close of one of the financial quarters, ie this coming December we may see another email).

4. Buy Fast Company Magazine


This was a really cool promotion. About 2 months ago, I opened up Fast Company, and found a $75 Google AdWords credit as a giant ad.

I got 3 coupons for 3 consecutive months from the magazine, and I haven’t seen any new coupons, but hopefully they start showing up again.

I bet these coupons were in other technology magazines, so be sure to check your subscriptions or check the Borders and grab the coupon codes :)

Hopefully this article helps you guys grab some free AdWords coupons, thanks for reading!

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  1. Andy K. says:

    My adwords amount of credit is about to expire. Dont want to just buy next 100$.Thats why looking for “free” coupons. Thanx!

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