Adwords Tips 7 Adwords Quality Score Questions Answered

Some of the basics questions of Quality Score asked when you are advertising with Google AdWords are : what it is, what it does, how can it be calculated, and how do you think it will influence and affects your campaign performance and costs. These fundamentals questions of Quality Score can be a little hard to understand for a beginner, therefore many beginner resources are available to help you in answering these questions.

Even for more advanced or intermediate AdWords users, the Quality Score is still a complicated system, and even experts can struggle to answer in some points. Below here you will find several answers directly from expert people for common technical questions about Quality Score.

Is displaying the keyword in the display URL or destination URL also affects Quality Score?

The only effect for having the keyword displayed in the URL or destination URL can only be done by click-through rate (CTR); however this CTR also plays an important role in determining the Quality Score. In short, having keywords displayed in the URL can also lower the impact on CTR and Quality Score.

Does dynamic keyword insertion in improving Quality Score really useful and what about appending dynamic keyword to the URL will really help improving Quality Score?

Dynamic Keyword Insertion or also known as the DKI, can very helpful to raise CTR in general, and by nature also increase the Quality Score (no direct boost is available, however click-through rate is still the biggest factor to improve Quality Score and DKI can contribute significantly on CTR).

Zero impressions lower your Quality Score at the account level

How can it be possible that a keyword with no impressions can lower your Quality Score? There are several factors used by Google to determine how a keyword performs, and also the potential performance of the keyword. This is the main reason how a keyword that has no impressions at all can affect an account. Zero impressions keywords can also cause confusion, since even though the more the better, you should also keep the ad groups small, clean, and tight-knit.

Can you pause keywords with low Quality Score (below 4) while modifying parameters to bump up the Quality Score?

Firstly you have to understand that there are two different levels of Quality Score, one is the account level, and two is the keyword level. This means, if you have mostly keywords with Quality Scores of 3, your overall account performance is poor. An account with good performance usually has a lot of keywords with Quality Scores of 7 and above and only a few with the Quality Scores of 3. Pausing and activating keywords can be done, by considering their performance.

Quality Score of 1 when you have relevant keyword, good ad copy and a landing page that works great?

There are 4 possibilities why you only have Quality Score of 1 when you have a relevant keyword, good ad copy, and also a great landing page, such as:

1.  Forgot to mention click-through rate, as the most important part of Quality Score

When things are looking great but still generate low CTR, try tweaking your ad text to make it more interesting and more people will click it

2.  Poor history

Have you had any bad experience with the keyword? Whether it is an ad group, campaign, account, or any industrial experience? If you do, that may be the case

3.  The keyword itself

You may think your keywords are great, but does it really relevant to your group? There is a difference between “golf” and “golf club sets”

4.  Google way to punish you

Are you using some un-ethical business tactics? Do you use their personal information? Have you become upfront about how and when you will charge your customers?

Have high converting keyword in the ad group but still have low Quality Score?

Conversion rate is not always a factor to determine Quality Score, the important thing is the CTR, even though you have conversion rate of 100% but low CTR then your Quality Score will also be low

Does longer keyword with almost zero impressions affect Quality Score?

This question can be answered by looking at the terms and the account. Google itself has two ways to deal with low volume keywords

o  In Aggregate

Scoring from a bunch of keywords that are related and then summarize the scores gained to figure out the performance of the keyword regarding that question

o  Extrapolating from Head Terms

Google can take broader variations of terms and apply it to lower the search volume that way the best guess at relevance can be created.

Each option used for your account all depends on the data in it, the main idea is to avoid adding unnecessary keywords, if you do add several and various keywords, make sure you have clusters for each keyword and measure those keywords and also your Quality Scores closely.

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