40 Free Stock Photo Sites

Stock photography websites help make designing your websites exciting and save you money. This list of sites all allow for commercial use. Please keep in mind that each one of these sites have different terms of use, so please check this before downloading photos.

Aarin Free Photo.com
Aarin FreePhoto.com - 950 free photos with link back requirement. Nice site.

AMG Media Works, Inc – Catogory names such as desktop objects, funky things, and cool objects don’t really help you find what you are looking for so happy browsing.

Amygdela's Atmosphere
Amygdela’s Atmosphere – Enjoyable site just redesigned with interesting geographic categories, photos of the sun, cityscapes and Antarctica.

Barry Free Photos
Barry’s Free Photos – Over 2300 Free photos in the following categories: Animals, Agriculture, Aviation, Industry, Travel, Transportation and so many more. Really worth the look!

Bigfoto.com – I like this site. It’s completely free and the categories are divided into countries such as America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Pacific. They have a theme section that has Human, nature, backgrounds, close-ups, food and other unusual categories. Check this one out for your next project!

BurningWell.org – This is a public domain image source. All are free to use. You can browse the photos or use their search feature. The little time I spent on this site didn’t impress me too much. But maybe I just didn’t search long enough for the diamond in the rough.

Cepolina Photo
Cepolina Photo – This site has a large selection of photos divided into categories as well as a search feature. One thing I like about this site is that you can search by color. So if you need an image with orange in it, you can search in that manner.

Creating Online - Nice selection of free photos. This site has a hover over feature to see a larger version of the thumbnail. Photos are categorized into many many categories too numerous to list here.

Design Packs
Design Packs – Free Image Collections for web designers. Each month a new collection is put together which is theme based. A really nice find! Check this out.

DeviantART - Click the Browse button to browse the photos. However I found it easier to click browse then on the next page click the “categories” button to narrow down the search. This is a must see site as well. The Macro category should simply amaze you.

Dreamstime – This is an area where photographers can advertise themselves by donating one free photo. The content varies and there isn’t a search feature.

Every Stock Photo
Every stock photo – Nice selection of photos. The best way to get started is by using the search feature.

Free Digital Photos
Free Digital Photos - All photos are free for web resolution. Print resolutions can be purchased at either $5 or $10. Photos are separated into categories and the site has a search feature.

Free Images
Free Images – 2500 original stock photos to choose from. The site is divided into categories and the categories are quite diverse.

FreePhotos.com – Over 4000 free photos. This site has photos in a large range of categories.

Free Photos Bank
Free Photos Bank – This site is divided into categories. Nice selection.

Freerange – A search feature makes this site work. You must be a member to download but membership is free.

Free Stock Photos – Download free photos for your personal/commercial design projects. Categories such as : Animals, Architecture, Business & Finance, Food & Drink, People and more.

Fontplay – 10,000 free photos. Divided into a limited number of categories. Not the most eye catching site, but they do have nice categories.

Free Photos.com
– Unusual photos can be found here. Check out some of these categories: Emergency Services, Historical, Military, Places, Theme Parks and more.

Graphics Arena
Graphicsarena.com – Amateur photographer submitted photos. Some nice gems in this site.

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30 Comments on "40 Free Stock Photo Sites"

  1. Stellar list, I was not aware of quite a few of these. Thanks

  2. alex says:

    dude, like deviantart is not a freestock photo site.. why you mislead ppl?

  3. Linda says:

    If you check the link, it takes you directly to the free stock image page. I realize that most of DevianART is not free and this link looks deceptive but it is not. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Might I also suggest photoeverywhere.co.uk for free travel images and creativity103.com for more unusual abstract textures and photography. Thanks.

  5. Jon says:

    Many thanks for the link to Photogen.com. Unlike some other image libraries, the home page is ordered by how new the images are, but we do definitely have a Search feature – it’s at the top of the page, next to the logo, and next to that is a drop down list with all the categories in it. All the images are also tagged with clickable keywords, so finding the right image should (hopefully) be easy.

  6. Linda says:

    Ah, yes, I do see the search feature now. I’m not sure how I missed that!

  7. Clifford says:

    Brilliant, Thanks

  8. Dandy list! I’d never heard of some of these sites.

  9. Ted says:

    May i suggest http://sweetstockphoto.com – it’s a small but growing archive of totally free stock photos. They are released under a public domain license, meaning you can use them however you want, even in commercial projects. No registration required, either!

  10. @Ted: Oh! That’s very nice! Thanks for the link. It looks very promising. Good luck with that project!

  11. Fiona says:

    Thanks very much for the very handy list!

  12. Bmiller says:

    I would like to suggest http://www.webphotomart.com as another resource for free stock photos.

  13. P says:

    Please check out http://www.freedesignphoto.com – Photos specifically for design, web design as well as print design.

  14. HairyMan says:

    Not bad… Not bad.

  15. Chantal says:

    Wow, thanks a lot for this, it was very, very handy!!

  16. loremipsumblvd says:

    I’ve got a lot of the same Free Stock Photo Sites on my blog, but I’ve tried to get rid of the budget/lame ones. I’ve also compiled a list of the top 35 Free Vector Sites at http://www.loremipsumblvd.com/


  17. Tim says:

    Kindly also include http://www.sunipix.com to the list of free stock photo websites.

  18. I would like to add FreeStockImages.org – new, but photos are not published anywhere else, so they are original as long posted fresh.

  19. Pavel says:

    A good list of well-known websites!

    From myself i may add two resources – co-photo.com as a small free photos site and designbeginshere.com as an other fully-classified list. You may try to find there something to add to your current list there.

  20. Hero says:

    thnks, these really come in handy.

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