20 Best SEO Tools Roundup

Do you have problem in finding any words in Google web? Or getting confused because of so many choices in the website about the key words that you typed? And maybe you are often open the wrong or fake website? Don’t worry people. Here, we give you the review of trusted list and website that you can trust and help you to find your need. You don’t have to feel worry about the website or assume whether this website is a fake or not, because we have checked all these websites for you. So, enjoy the list bellow and get what you need here.

Ranking Checker by SEOmoz.com
This is the most top SEO tool. Why? It is because this tool allows you to type up to 5 keywords a day. You will be charged free by using this tool and it is very easy how to use it. First, you have to open an account in SEOmoz.com. After you get sign in to the website, choose “browser button” and it will help you copy the URL page that you type before automatically. It is really flexible and saving time.

MultiRank Checker by iWebtool.com
Have you been in a rush to check much information in a same time? This is very hectic, right? You have to present much information to all of your clients in a same time, while you have to read first the information on the web one by one. Actually, there are two ways to solve your problem. First is search manually in a website, open one by one and gather all the information that you get. Second is just using MultiRank Checker for your convenience. You only have to type the keywords and this website will do copy/paste the information that you need.

Search Engine Spider Simulator
This tool helps you to find much information about search engine spider from a website.

Spider Viewer
This tool will let you see your website as a spider sees it. This tool is helpful for analyzing your internal links, your meta information and your page content.

Keyword Density

This tool is helpful in balancing your keywords within your content and ensuring the right keywords appear on the pages they’re intended.

Header Checker

Use this tool to check any web page’s header tags. Make sure your pages are returning the correct status codes and that your redirects are working properly. Since incorrect redirects can be a cause of indexing and/or ranking problems, it’s a good idea to check that all your HTTP status codes are correct.

Search Combination

In each list, please enter a group of words or phrases that are related. For example, list one could be a group of colors, and list two could be a group of things. This tool will generate all possible combinations of the two lists, with one phrase coming from list one, and one phrase coming from list two. The phrase from list one will always come first in the combination.

Firefox with the Web Developer Extension by Chris Pederick

Do you like to have a fast look at many webs at once? You can use Firefox as you SEO tools. This tool helps you to search information at once and removes all javascript components that are bothering you. By typing some keywords, you can have so many pages of information that you need. Awesome, isn’t it?

SEO for Firefox by SEOBook.com

you can have so many links of your information and it is trusted. For example is org link. And the amazing one is you can move your information from SERPs to CSV directly.

Google Analytics / Google Webmaster Console by Google.com
If you feel like want to introduce your website or blogs to public, you can use this tool. This tool helps you to present your all data information to public. How? By having analytical program, this tool will automatically put all your information when people around the world are typing the keywords that matched with your information.

XENU’s Link Sleuth by Tilman Hausherr

XENU is a spider tool; it helps you to copy your job on website. To prevent if in case you have to change your job, you still have the copy. By using this tool you can get away from broken links, endless loops, redirect detections, etc.

Xinu BETA by Miguel Camps Orteza

This tool is functioned as ranking given, bookmarking, indexation, and back links into many sites. Besides the ranking, this tool gives detailed information about the site. The best part of this tool is you can download it into your server.

Keyword Density & Prominence Tool by Ranks.nl
This tool helps you to analyze the density of the keywords that you typed and also pages that placed in the tags of a web.

Visual PageRank by iWebTool.com
Visual PageRank gives you a sight of your links. You can see which pages are in the above rank of your links.

GeoTargeting Detection Tool by SEOmoz.com

This tool is very useful if you have specified target of country. You can search the country’s information that you need easily by having this tool. This tool is very applicable especially if you apply to geographic territorial.

Google vs Yahoo Graph
As the name, this tool presents the difference between Google and Yahoo Graph without giving bad sides of each other. It just wants to show you the difference of them.

Keyword Density Checker
This tool is almost accurate. It will check the density of your keywords when you type on a webpage. It analyzes the words automatically and presents the result for you.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

There are many suggestions of words that are given to you if you use this tool. You don’t have to feel worry about your correct and appropriate words, because this tool will automatically give the best correction for you.

Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer
analyzes the backlinks of your website and get rid from it with this tool.


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