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Keep Spam Where It Belongs…Away From You

Spam is not only annoying, it is dangerous. The less of it in your business, personal computer or email files, the better.

The anti spam industry continues to grow in proportion to its need, and there are many good anti spam programs out there. But your business doesn’t want good; your business wants the best. The four attributes that any top level spam program should have are these:

1. The program should be easy to customize to keep up with the latest technology.
2. It should be feature heavy

3. It should be easily installed

4. It should be consistent and stable.

Below are the top 10 anti spam programs based on this criteria.

1. SPAMfighter

This top ranked anti spam program allows the user to whitelist or blacklist any email they receive. The entire network functions as a whole, and if an email is blocked from a domain a certain number of times, it is then blacklisted from the entire community. The program also protects against email fraud such as phishing and identity theft, and also recognized spammy pictures as well as text.

2. CA Anti Spam Software

Formerly known as Qurb Anti Spam Software, this top ranked spam fighter starts working immediately upon installation. The program, which won the Editor’s Choice award in PC Magazine for three years in a row, automatically takes your whitelist from your current emails. CA also integrates very well with Outlook Express and Outlook.

3. Email Recover

After connecting to your Internet Service Provider, Email Remover gets email header info and lets you pick those headers from senders that you do not want to receive anymore. The program then deletes those mailings from the mail server.

4. Cloudmark Desktop

Made specifically for Outlook Express and Outlook users, Cloudmark is another community based program that has over one million users. The program works behind the scenes to take away all unwanted email from your inbox. The program is well known for being able to tell personal emails from spam, and will never delete a personal email. Because of its innovative network approach, Cloudmark Desktop also stops phishing emails as well.

5. ChoiceMail

ChoiceMail allows you to easily filter your emails by a number of factors, including IP address, domain, or reputation. This program works on a guilty until proven innocent formula, which requires some upfront investment; however once the initial work is done, ChoiceMail does an excellent job of controlling unwanted email.

6. MailWasher Pro

A powerful yet system draining program. However, it ranks as one of the most effective and reliable spam filters around. Perhaps as the developers overhauled the program in 2010, they created a graphic heavy program to attempt to dampen the learning curve. No matter. It is still one of the most feature laden spam filters ont he market, allowing users the power to block unwanted mail in a number of ways.

7. iHateSpam

Although this particular product only works with Microsoft Outlook, it is one of the most powerful anti spam add ons for that program. iHateSpam returns to a community based filter, and blocks according to server, IP address, header information, sender’s address, etc.

8. SpamBully

This program actually allows users to get back at spammers by bouncing unwanted emails back to them. The software also automatically reports spammers to the Federal Trade Commission and the owner of the server that the spammer is on.

9. SpamEater Pro

One of the most customizable programs on the list, the program allows the user perhaps the most freedom to make his or her own rules about filtering spam.

10. Spam Buster

If you are looking for a simple, easy to use program, this is the one for you. It makes up for its relative lack of features with simplicity.

Mary is a tech blog writer who writes reviews relating to the anti-spam software and Hosted Exchange Hosting by Sherweb.

How to Make Money Writing Online – An Intro


Making money online isn’t witchcraft, and it isn’t wizardry; but on the flipside, it’s also not always turn-key easy. But it can be done by anyone, anywhere…anytime! All you’ll need is a few simple tips, resources, and basic writing topics and ideas to get you making money writing online on a full or part-time basis.

Niche writing is one of the most popular ways to make money online. Essentially, because the Internet is so vast, the opportunity to become an expert in any one particular niche or narrow field is bountiful. If someone is searching for a particular product, topic, or keyword that is unique and there aren’t many people writing about it, chances are good your writing will be found. And once it’s found, you can advertise and capitalize on that traffic.

There’s hundreds of free resources out there that you can leverage to get your content found, and you don’t have to be a professional or experienced writer (although it can’t hurt to brush up on basic, proper reading and writing skills once you get going). Take Ezine Articles, for example. Ezine is a free article directory that allows you to post content and links to your website.

Don’t have a website? No problem; Use WordPress, a free open-source blogging application that allows you to build pages and publish your articles. Finally, sign up for a free affiliate marketing account either through Commission Junction or ClickBank and load up some advertisements on your new website. As traffic comes through your site, so too will affiliate advertising dollars.

By Tom Copeland, founder of, a Web development firm specializing in web copy, blogs, and article management.

Making Money Selling Content Online with Constant-Content


We’ve been teaching our readers the basics of how to make money writing online articles and blogs and in this post, we want to take that a step further, but in a new direction. In addition to online article marketing and making money on your website through affiliate advertising, you can also sell your unique content online through article brokers like Constant-Content.

First, let’s reintroduce the process of how to make money with article marketing: find a unique topic to write about (maybe you’re a diehard fan of the Miami Dolphins; you’ve got really awesome recipes and “cooking tips for bachelors”; or, maybe you’re a real estate agent who specializes in short sales and foreclosure prevention in your city).

Next, set up a blog and website using WordPress and begin publishing your content on any one of the major online article directories with a link back to your new site. Finally, strategically place affiliate marketing links that relate to what you’re writing about on your website to entice your readers and traffic to click. Then, enjoy your new income!

Now, once you’ve got a solid website and appropriate content and links in place, you could free up time to make money writing in other ways, like writing and selling unique content. Not everyone likes to write, and people and businesses that need blog posts, articles, and more are willing to pay you to write through article brokers like Constant-Content. This website allows writers to put their work up for sale and buyers to snatch it up.

You can set your own price levels for your articles and membership is free (Constant-Content keeps about 35% of the sales price for their part). You can sell totally unique content that hasn’t been used anywhere else online for a premium or you can sell re-published content for a lower “user fee”.

Another great Constant-Content feature is that the website sends you alerts when open requests are made. Buyers can post on open job boards the specs of an article they want to purchase, including keywords, topics, and length of that article, and what they’re willing to pay. You can immediately turn around, write the article, and notify the buyer – if accepted most payments are immediately made through Paypal.

You’ve just found a new avenue for making money online writing content. So get to it!