Balsamiq Mock Ups Review

Balsamiq Mockups is a program that makes wireframing incredibly quick and easy to do. It is an Adobe Air app so will run cross browser and will set you back $79.

Video Review

What I like about Balsamiq:

  • Very easy to use.
  • Works in all Operating Systems.
  • Comes with lots of pre-made common items.
  • Presentation mode means explaining things to clients is so easy.

What I don’t like about Balsamiq:

  • Can get a bit slow if you have a big wireframe in progress (or a slow PC!).
  • Cost of $79 seems a bit overpriced.
  • Hand drawn style will not appeal to everyone.

So that’s what I think, what about you? Please let us know which application you use for wireframing, and if there are any apps you think we should review.

6 Comments on "Balsamiq Mock Ups Review"

  1. Mark Poppen says:

    I gave Balsamiq a try a while ago, and I didn’t really like it. This is a program that’s supposed to make a quick mockup for a client to approve. I can make mockups faster in Photoshop than in Balsamiq (or any other program for that matter).

    Recently I started sketching mock ups on paper, scan them, add comments and send them off to the client. Works like a charm, and doesn’t cost $ 79 :)

  2. Peldi says:

    Hi Jack, thanks so much for the review! Just a quick note to suggest updating to the latest build, it fixes a few bugs you encountered during the demo and is A LOT faster: to upgrade.

    @Mark, Mockups is not for everyone. If you’re faster with Photoshop than with Mockups, no reason to change the way you work. Also, hats off to you, I’m impressed! :)

    Thanks again for taking the time to record the screencast demo Jack!


  3. Bazman says:

    I love Balsamiq, it is great and quick yo use. $79 is abit on the costly side. It would be nice if the price can be reduced abit.

    love you balsamiq guys. great work.

  4. TheNERO says:

    I live in LONDON (UK) and i just want to say that i LOOOOOOOVVVEEEE Balsamiq mockups.

    Easy to use without committing to satkeholders.

    Keep up the good work guys but try and reduce the price.

  5. JohnONolan says:

    Hmm… many people have tried to re-invent the pen and paper, and I’ve yet to see anyone accomplish it successfully. This app included.

    Interesting to see it in action though

  6. Efraim says:

    Love Balsamiq!! We use it all the time.

    However, even though it’s a great piece of software, there’s something about software that keeps creativity muffled.
    Therefore, before I use Balsamiq, I use a GuiBoard(.com) – a dry erase board with gui-resolutions (including iPhone) pre printed on there. Simply trace the line and you’re ready to sketch.
    It gets even better when using
    Give it a try!

    After the rough sketching is done though, Balsamiq it is!

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