Making The Sale: Ice Cubes to Eskimos

Making The Sale: Ice Cubes to Eskimos

On this episode of The Web Squeeze podcast we tell you all the secrets about making the sale! Our special guest for this episode is John O’Nolan! We cover questions like, “How do you get business and keep it coming?”, and “How do you go from low-paying jobs to high-paying jobs”, as well as your user questions!

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Show Notes

  3. The Web Design Business Kit
  4. I have a really big mouth – John O’Nolan
  5. High Rise
  6. Five Second Test
  7. Elias Interactive
  8. Lyrical Media
  9. Gary Vaynerchuk
  10. Gary Vaynerchuk Video
  11. Japh Thomson
  12. SatelliteDev
  13. Cozy Penguin Web Studio
  14. Mark Poppen
  15. Chris Spooner
  16. Elliot Jay Stocks

About The Hosts

Jacob Haug (Host) – My name is Jacob Haug, and I spend the majority of my time in website development. I donate many hours each day helping the web community with technical aspects of website design and development. My current project is The Web Squeeze. A “NEW”, “FRESH”, Web Design and Development community dedicated to helping make the internet a better place! @JacobHaug

Linda Chadbourne (Host) – Linda Chadbourne has been a web designer since 1998. A large portion of her day also involves graphic and logo design for Cozy Penguin Web Studio which she owns and operates. Linda is also one of the co-founders of The Web Squeeze which is a Web Design and Development Help Forum. In her free time she is an avid family person, horseback rider and reader. @Lchad

John O’Nolan is a happy-go-lucky web designer and entrepreneur from West Sussex in the United Kingdom. He specialises in user interface design, CSS, and WordPress development. You can find his most recent work on his company website, and his regular ramblings about owning and running a web design business on his personal website. @JohnONolan

8 Comments on "Making The Sale: Ice Cubes to Eskimos"

  1. Ed Henderson says:

    Just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Podcast. First time listener but a lot of good nuggets in there.

    Have to agree with John, when a client wants you to set-up their email for them, that’s the bit I loathe the most.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Jay says:

    Hi there

    Really enjoyed this pod cast.

    I have heard few pod casts in the past on similar subjects, however this one was pretty unique and solid. It is the right kind of knowledgeable panellists that made that whole difference.

    Thanks once again and I’m really keen to see more of this stuff happening on the TWS.

    Best wishes

  3. Tyler Kraupp says:

    Great podcast. I completely agree with all of your topics. I am a 19 year old web designer and graphic artist who has owns his own company, and all of your topics are on key! I will continue reading and listening and hopefully, I can learn much more!!

    Tyler Kraupp

  4. Awesome tips for a new web design/ develop freelancer. Nice to hear stuff like this on the way to work!

  5. Mark Poppen says:

    WOW! I totally missed this podcast, and I’m even in it!

    Yes, I have commercials on the radio, and I must say, the ads on the radio themselves don’t do too much, so if you’re just putting an ad on the radio to advertise your web design business: don’t. The only reason why my ad is still on the radio is because the added benefits. It’s a long story, but in short:
    The radio station has an auction. I give a credit note for a website on the auction site in exchange for advertising minutes. Listeners can bid on the auction-item, and the winner comes to me for the website.
    All I invest here is time to create the website. My 2 recent clients are off the auction. People with a lot of connections in the city I focus on. Win-win for me.


  6. Jon Hallett says:

    Great podcast, full of really good information for some-one starting out as I am. Especially found the advice on making contacts within the community very helpful, as this is something I really have to work on.
    Can’t wait for another.

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