The Web Squeeze Tagline Contest

A New Design, And A New Contest Too!

We recently upgraded to a brand new design. Lots of people have told us what they think, and one aspect that needs to be tackled is the tagline we wrote:

Hello World! We’re The Web Squeeze, a really trendy magazine about web design.

The use of the word trendy apparently is not good!  We’ve been educated by our faithful friends that it’s either “arrogant”, not too bright as in “something from a surfing movie”. One member said using the word trendy “screamed of desperation”.  Our absolute favorite remark was “self-defeating word: by definition, anyone who talks about being trendy is not.”  YIKES!

So here is where YOU come in!

Write a short tagline that describes us!

To get your mental highway flowing I’ll give you a suggestion:

‘Sup dog! The Web Squeeze is this, like, way ill mag on web design. Check it!

Ok, not sure that would win, but hey, be creative!

The deadline for the contest is April 23, 2010!

The winning tagline will be featured on this  website and the winner will receive a 1 year license for Panda Antivirus Pro 2010

Please post your entry in the comments section below!

Thanks in advance for participating and we look forward to reading your taglines.

The Web Squeeze has the right not to use any of the submissions if they all suck!

8 Comments on "The Web Squeeze Tagline Contest"

  1. sheena says:

    how about something link….. “giving you every last drop of info on today’s web design world” ………a play on the word squeeze??

  2. Michel says:

    Add some pressure for your pleasure

  3. Mike Hopley says:

    The Web Squeeze ingredients: just pure, fresh juice from 100% organic, hand-picked web design and development.


    The Web Squeeze: web design and development with all of the juice, and none of the pips.


    Pure web design and development, distilled for a smooth finish. No fruit were harmed in the making of this website, although the apples did bruise themselves a little. That’s apples for you.


    100% juicy web design and development. Always fresh, never from concentrate. Once opened, consume within three days.


    Start your day with a fresh blast of web design and development from the Web Squeeze — scientifically proven to develop a healthier website.*

    * 8/10 boffins recommend the Web Squeeze as part of a balanced online intake.


    The Web Squeeze is to web design and development as broccoli is to healthy eating. Except the Web Squeeze tastes better.


    The Web Squeeze. Smooth. Juicy. Fresh. Succulent. And a little bit naughty.

    Oh, and it’s about web design & development, in case you hadn’t noticed. Now close your eyes and *squeeze*.

  4. TKM says:

    Oh my! I love the “little bit naughty” one. He he! You’ll have the only web design and development mag with an “R” rating. I’ll have to read “Are You A Sucky
    Web Designer” again. I also like “…all the juice and none of the pits.”

    Anyway-how about “Hello World! We’re the web design magazine that is here to conquer. Resistance is futile.”

    or- “Hello World! We’re The Web Squeeze. A fresh and juicy magazine about web design.”

  5. Sagi says:

    The web squeeze, the magazine that does to web design what cheerleaders do to college kids.

  6. Monie says:

    “Hello World! We’re The Web Squeeze, a really trendy magazine about web design.”
    Ooopsss…!!! It looks exactly as the current one. I liked it already the way it is!

  7. Thanks to all of you that entered the contest! It is now closed!
    We’ve selected a winner! The winner is Mike Hopley with the tagline-
    “Start your day with a fresh blast of web design and development from The Web Squeeze — scientifically proven to develop a healthier website.”

    We loved that one and it should be posted as the official tagline soon!
    Congrats Mike!